Interview Transcripts

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Richard Anderson - Better known as Oscar Goldman in the Six Million Dollar Man
Ed Asner - Mary Tyler Moore's Lou Grant
Cynthia Belliveau - Star of CBC's Wind At My Back
Theodore Bikel - Actor
Mr. Blackwell - Fashion maven
Peter Bogdanovich - Famed director and author of Who The Devil Made It
Carol Higgins Clark - Mystery Author
Bob Denver - Better known as Gilligan from Gilligan's Island
Michael Dorn - Star Trek's Worf
Jamie Farr - Corporal Klinger from M*A*S*H
Yvonne Fern - author of Gene Roddenberry: The Last Conversation, dealing with the creator of Star Trek's
Elliott Forrest - Former host of The Late, Late Radio Show on CBS Radio and spokesperson for A&E
Eileen Fulton - As The World Turn's original soap diva "Lisa"
Sharon Gless - Television Actress. Former star of Cagney & Lacey
Don Hastings - Dr. Bob Hughes from As The World Turns
Bob Keeshan - Television's Captain Kangaroo
Werner Klemperer - Col. Klink on television's Hogan's Heroes
Gavin McLeod - of Mary Tyler Moore & Love Boat fame
David Mirkin - Executive Producer of The Simpsons
Michael & Denise Okuda - Star Trek's tech staff. Authors-Star Trek Encyclopedia & Star Trek Chronology.
Joe Piscopo - Saturday Night Live alumnus, now starring on Broadway in Grease
Julie Poll - author of As The World Turns: The Complete Family Scrapbook
Lalo Schifrin - Composer who created the music for the hit series Mission:Impossible
Louise Shaffer - Soap actress turned author
Rondell Sheridan - Standup comic and star of NBC's Minor Adjustments
Herbert F. Solow - Executive in charge of the original Star Trek's series and co-author of Inside Star Trek.
George Takei - Star Trek's Captain Sulu
John Tesh - New age musician and former anchor of Entertainment Tonight
Tim Thomerson - Star of the syndicated police drama Sirens
Vacant Lot - One of Canada's top comedy troupes
Scott Valentine - Nick from Family Ties
Jim Varney - Better known as Ernest P. Worrell in movies and commercials.
Helen Wagner - As The World Turns soap star. The ever popular Nancy Hughes.
Burt Ward - The original Boy Wonder from television's Batman
Tom Wiggin - Kirk Anderson from As The World Turns
Garrett Wang - Star Trek: Voyager's Ensign Harry Kim
Victoria Wyndham - Rachel/Justine from Another World
Alan Zweibel - Comedy writer/author